Sunday, November 23, 2008

Day 9

So I have been trying to get a little more exercise, get back into shape, and all that jazz. I was talking with a friend of mine who helps out coaching some high school teams around the valley. With beginning athletes he always challenges them to the 100 Day Challenge. And he challenged me. Before even thinking about it, I said, "Sure, okay."

Well, I just completed Day 9. For 100 Days I have to get some type of exercise on my feet. (Running, Elliptical, and I'll probably throw some x-country skiing when there's more snow.) I can't skip any days, or the challenge is over. So today was Day 9 and I'm doing really well. The nice thing about the challenge is that the amount of time doesn't matter. It could be 15 minutes or 4 hours. Every day can't be 15 minutes, but there will be those days where time just doesn't allow for more than that. And if you do a crazy 3 hour work out the day before, it doesn't carry over. The point of the challenge is to teach you that some exercise is always better than none, and that you can always fit in a work out, no matter how busy you are. More often than not, once you get started you will keep on going.

Anyway, the day I complete my 100 Day challenge is February the 22. Awesome! Completely doable and I am very excited to be in better shape so I can crank harder on my bike and pull harder on the rocks up in the mountains next spring and I can't even wait. Anyone else want to join me?

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Cath said...

You go girl! You are rockin' the house!