Saturday, November 15, 2008

Save Some H2O

A great way to start saving some water is by installing low-flow toilets in your home. However, sometimes this is not always feasible, or maybe even the best option. In terms of consumption, both the water that is used and the materials that make the toilet must be taken into consideration. If it's not broken...don't fix it, right? I think it is wise to operate on the assumption that it is much better for the environment to simply consume less, rather than going out and buying products that you don't need just because they are "green" or "environmentally friendly."

So, if you're toilet is working just fine, or maybe you live in an apartment and are renting, but you would like to save a little H2O here is a great alternative: Take a one liter plastic bottle and fill it up with water (so it doesn't float) and place it in the tank of your toilet. The space that the bottle takes up in the tank offsets the amount of water that flows through your toilet every time you flush it. Depending on the toilet, you could experiment with different sizes of containers, too. Like using a plastic half-gallon milk jug, for instance.

I have heard that some people use bricks to put in their toilet tanks. I would advise against this, however, as bricks can become corroded over time. As pieces flake off they can get into the toilet's system and affect it negatively.

Wanna take this one step further? Find out if there are low-flow toilets installed at your work. If not, suggest this easy-fix. Your employer may save a little on the water bill, and everyone will benefit from this simple way to conserve water.

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