Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Weekend Extravaganza

There's a reason why people don't typically move into a new apartment in the middle of December. I mean, have any of you moved during that time? I guess usually it's in the middle of the school year and finals week, Christmas break, and all that, but still I don't think I know of anyone that has moved in the middle of the winter...because it's too cold!

Your fingers freeze carrying boxes, you have to keep shoveling the sidewalk, and it's icy. To make it easier to move things in and out, you usually keep the front door open, which makes it cold inside. There are many battles to moving in general, but December is not a good time. Now that I'm not confined by the school schedule, I said, "Hey, this is a great place. I'll take it!" Without thinking this through. I don't recommend moving in the winter if it can be avoided.

But, one things for sure: If your furniture wont make it up the stairs, get a little creative and string it up with your climbing rope and haul it over the balcony!

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