Tuesday, September 9, 2008

On the Lighter Side

When I was younger, all the way into high school actually now that I think about it, I never wanted to make my bed. I hated making my bed. When my mom would tell me to make my bed I would get so mad and nearly refuse to do it. Eventually, I started reasoning with my mom, and myself, that making your bed is pointless because you're just going to mess it up when you go to bed again anyway.

Now that I am older, my reasoning has changed. Making your bed is the best! It is the best way to make your room look better. I mean, think about it, all of the pillows and blankets that are carelessly strewn about when you clear off your bed to finally crawl into a hopefully deep slumber. They cause a large mess. But then in the morning, with a little effort of less-than-five minutes, the tornado that had hit the evening before had never been. Presto change-o, insta clean room!

Unfortunately, with as easy as it is to clean your room by making your bed, it doesn't necessarily mean that making your bed will keep your room clean.

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Curtis and Dorothy Rasmussen said...

HA! Love it. Radical blog, my friend. You are so great - and I miss you. Can't wait to see you Friday night! (Oooh, that's tomorrow.)