Saturday, June 6, 2009

A New Friend

I signed up to be a "big sister" with Big Brothers Big Sisters a couple of months ago. It takes several weeks to process the paperwork, but background checks were passed and now I have a new "Little."

Her name is Melissa and she is one cute little girl! She just finished up forth grade. So far we've done two activities. The first time we met up was last week where we went out for ice cream and wrote down all of the fun things we wanted to do together in the next year. (BBBS requires a year commitment once you are matched with your Little. This way it teaches the kids that they can count on someone, trust is earned by both parties, and relationships are built. Studies have apparently found that anything less than 6-8 months can do serious damage to a child.) After finishing up our ice cream we headed over to the park where we played on the monkey bars and the swings. Then we waded around in the stream and threw rocks at stuff. Then I taught her how to successfully throw a frisbee and she taught me how to do a decent cartwheel. A good day in all!!

The next time we got together was a few days ago. This time we went up to my house so she could see where I live. We wanted to play soccer, but her soccer ball was very flat so we walked down to the store to buy a needle to pump up the ball. We stopped in some of the shops in Sugarhouse along the way. We kicked around the soccer ball for a while and then we made some dinner (Macaroni and cheese with strawberries on the side...I don't think she gets the whole vegetarian thing, but we can compromise!). After dinner we sat out on the balcony and watched the birds while she told me about her friends and family. Fortunately it didn't rain that day.

Next week we are going to go get some dinner together and work on our list again. We both had some more ideas of things to put on there, so we will have to write them all down. So far things are going well, even if we are both a bit quiet sometimes. This will definitely be an adventure!

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Bethany said...

That sounds really fun! You'll be a great big sister.