Thursday, April 30, 2009

When to Plant those Tomatoes

I am just starting my first garden, but I already know that when to plant your tomatoes (and other similar plants) is always a big topic of discussion among Utah gardeners. Planting them too soon will probably lead to dead, frost-bitten plants. Waiting too long can lead to a shorter growing time, which means less delicious, juicy red fruits for salads, sandwiches, and sauces.

I have often heard that after Mother's Day is the general guideline for planting tomatoes, but it seems like Mom's day is coming a little early this year. This spring has also been so wet and cold, I'm a little nervous to put those plants out there just yet. We came across some info that we wanted to share. According to the locals, the time to plant tomatoes is:

"When the snow is off the Oquirrh Mountains."

That makes sense. Regardless of the snowfall, rainy season, or dryness of the year, the snow on the mountains will reflect what is going on in the rest of the valley. I'm going to take this bit of advice and plant my 'maters when I can't see any more snow on those western mountains.

What advice do you live by in your own gardens? Any tips for a beginning gardener like myself?

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